How to Buy from Your Promo Co

Seen something you like?

Your Promo Co. is a Trade Only supplier.

We only sell our promotional products through a professional distribution chain. If you're looking for items to fit in with your marketing giveaways or business gift incentive schemes then please do take a look around and make a note of the item codes you think could work. As a trusted promotional product supplier to hundreds of the UK's finest distributors, we recommend visiting the website of the British Promotional Merchandise Association where you will find a comprehensive list of promotional product distributors. 

A Simple google search will also reveal many of the industry leaders.


Promotional Products already your bag?

If you're a professional distributor looking to increase their offering, we have over 9000 items located throughout the UK and in two locations in the EU. To set up an account with us, we first ask you to register Here. Please give us as much information as you can, we will be in touch to discuss your application moving forward.



If you're after pricing as an existing customer, you can now log-in (once you've registered and been approved). We have given price ranges now, which should help with your ability to gauge the prices of our products. We offer multiple print methods for each item so it's always best to discuss your requirements with us directly.