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Salt and pepper mill BOTH TOGETHER

Salt and pepper mill BOTH TOGETHER: transparent window and twist mechanism on both sides � grinds salt on one side, pepper on the other


black, silver, white

Print Position

Laser engraving: 130x5mm LR1+H6 (1),
Laser engraving: 130x5mm LR2+H6 (1),
Laser engraving: 15x5mm L1+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: �40mm L1+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: �40mm L2+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: �40mm L3+H4 (1),
Tampon print: 20x35mm K1+H4 (4),
Tampon print: 70x20mm K1+H4 (1),
Tampon print: �40mm K2+H6+V1 (4)

HS Code

6911 1000 000

Product Size

�5,2 x 22 cm


Plastic / Stainless Steel / Ceramic

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