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Safety / emergency vest HERO 2.0

Safety / emergency vest HERO 2.0 with reflector stripes and Velcro fastener on the front, packed in a bag with carrying handle



Print Position

Digital transfer: 120x100mm F2+H6 (1),
Digital transfer: 120x60mm F2+H4 (1),
Digital transfer: 300x300mm F2+H6 (1),
Digital transfer: 300x300mm F3+H6 (1),
Digital transfer: 300x300mm F4+H6 (1),
Digital transfer: 300x300mm F5+H6 (1),
Digital transfer: 80x60mm F1+H4 (1),
Digital transfer: 80x60mm F1+H6 (1),
Reflective transfer: 120x100mm RT2+H6 (1),
Reflective transfer: 120x60mm RT2+H4 (1),
Reflective transfer: 210x148mm RT2+H6 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x60mm RT1+H4 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x80mm RT1+H6 (1),
Transfer print: 120x100mm T2+H6 (10),
Transfer print: 120x60mm T2+H4 (10),
Transfer print: 300x300mm T2+H6 (10),
Transfer print: 80x60mm T1+H4 (10),
Transfer print: 80x80mm T1+H6 (10)

HS Code

6110 3091 000

Product Size

one size



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