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Kettle barbecue COOKOUT

Kettle barbecue COOKOUT: metal body with 2 vent windows, removable tray with air holes for coal, 1 removable grill rack � approx. 29 cm, lid with vent window and wooden handle, 3 buckles to close the lid on metal body, 3 metal feet with plastic caps, packed in a gift box



Print Position

Laser engraving: 50x20mm L2+H10 (1),
Laser engraving: 5cm_ L1+H10 (1),
Laser engraving: 5cm_ L4+H10 (1),
Laser engraving: 60x10mm L5+H10 (1),
Tampon print: 40x10mm K1+H10 (1)

HS Code

7321 1900 000

Product Size

�31,5 x 43 cm


Wood / Carbon Steel

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