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Exercise resistance bands GYM HERO

Exercise resistance bands GYM HERO to strengthen and tone muscles: 3 elastic exercise bands in various colours and strengths (easy, medium, and strong), ideal for strength training, toning, and stretching, incl. drawstring polyester bag with plastic stopper


black, blue, red, yellow

Print Position

Digital transfer: 80x60mm F1+H4 (1),
Digital transfer: 90x120mm F2+H4 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x80mm RT1+H4 (1),
Reflective transfer: 90x120mm RT2+H4 (1),
Transfer print: 80x80mm T1+H4 (10),
Transfer print: 90x120mm T2+H4 (10)

HS Code

9506 9190 000

Product Size

15 x 21 cm


Latex / Polyester

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