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Toilet bag TUBE

Toilet bag TUBE: with drawstring and plastic stopper, 3 net compartments inside, 4 loops for small bottles and additional small compartment with zip for small cosmetics, easily detachable thanks to press button, get an overview of the content by flipping the top edge


dark blue

Print Position

Digital transfer: 115x50mm F2+H2 (1),
Digital transfer: 180x100mm F2+H2 (1),
Digital transfer: 200x130mm F3+H2 (1),
Digital transfer: 80x50mm F1+H2 (1),
Digital transfer: 80x60mm F1+H2 (1),
Reflective transfer: 115x50mm RT2+H2 (1),
Reflective transfer: 200x140mm RT2+H2 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x50mm RT1+H2 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x80mm RT1+H2 (1),
Transfer print: 115x50mm T2+H2 (10),
Transfer print: 200x140mm T2+H2 (10),
Transfer print: 80x50mm T1+H2 (10),
Transfer print: 80x80mm T1+H2 (10)

HS Code

4202 9291 900

Product Size

approx. �16 x 24 cm


190T Nylon

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