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Metal fountain pen ST. PETERSBURG

Metal fountain pen ST. PETERSBURG in black piano lacquer look: with Iridium Point nib, cap with clip, 24 CRYSTALLIZED� Swarovski Elements on the shaft, incl. 1 ink-refill, delivered in case


black, silver

Print Position

Digital print: 12cm_ DP2+H2 (1),
Digital print: 180x70mm DP6+H2 (1),
Digital print: 38cm_ DP8+H2 (1),
Digital print: 6cm_ DP1+H2 (1),
Digital print: 77cm_ DP7+H2 (1),
Laser engraving: 12cm_ L5+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: 40x6mm L1+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: 50x50mm L6+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: 5cm_ L4+H4 (1),
Tampon print: 40x6mm K2+H4+V1 (4)

HS Code

9608 3000 000

Product Size

19,2 x 8,3 x 3,3 / 13,6 x 1,3 cm



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