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Portfolio HIGHNESS, DIN A4 size

Portfolio HIGHNESS, DIN A4 size: with built-in powerbank (capacity: 5.000 mAh, input power: 5V/1A, output power: 5V/1A), large pocket for folders and documents, small pocket for a smartphone, display stand can be set up in various positions through Velcro fasteners � ideal for presentations on phone or tablet � elastic bands for stowage and organizing, various pockets for business cards, loop for a pen, including writing pad (DIN A4), with zip, large pocket on the outside, and rubberised metal plate with chrome base on the front for advertisement.


dark grey

Print Position

Digital transfer: 150x220mm F2+H2 (1),
Digital transfer: 80x60mm F1+H2 (1),
Laser engraving: 45x25mm L2+H4 (1),
Laser engraving: 5cm_ L1+H4 (1),
Reflective transfer: 148x210mm RT2+H2 (1),
Reflective transfer: 80x80mm RT1+H2 (1),
Transfer print: 150x220mm T2+H2 (10),
Transfer print: 80x80mm T1+H2 (10)

HS Code

4202 9219 000

Product Size

33,5 x 26 x 3 cm



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