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Powerbank CONTACT

Powerbank CONTACT - the perfect power supply on the go: suitable for smartphones and USB devices, wireless charging of the device by touching it to the contact surface (the device has to be equipped for inductive charging), powerbank can also be charged wirelessly by touching the back to the top of a suitable charging station (charging station excl., see also item no. 56-1107243), incl. USB cable with Micro-USB connector (length: approx. 50 cm), socket for USB Type-C, integrated charge level indicator and operation indicator, on/off switch, input power: 5V/2A (USB), 5V/750 mA (wireless), output power: 5V/2,1A (USB), 5V/1A (wireless), capacity: 10.000 mAh



Print Position

Digital print: 40x30mm DP2+H4 (1),
Digital print: 6cm_ DP1+H4 (1),
Tampon print: 50x30mm K2+H4+V1 (4)

HS Code

8507 6000 900

Product Size

13,5 x 7,3 x 2 cm



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